History of the Commonwealth

Whilst working on a construction project, Dinu Bogdan uncovers an alien artefact on Sarko. Whilst recovering on the hospital ship Mother Knows Best, Bogdan displays some new psionic powers.


Dr Strane is sprung from jail on Earth and moves his experiments to Viacrona. The Advancer movement is officially recognised for the first time.


Dinu Bogdan dies on Sarko.


Wormhole technology, which links the far-flung star systems together, is developed by the Kimble Astronautics Company; huge engineering starships begin to drag the wormhole portals into place within all the developed First Region systems.


Pax becomes the first system to come under the complete control of the Ideologians. Until this point, their influence had been limited mostly to cities and the occasional planet.


With the first portals now emplaced, a great dispersion of settlers begin to colonise the Second Region.


In the Eris system, the planetary defence force of Isfara, lead by General Horkann Gurvitz launch nuclear bombs into their neighbouring planet’s atmosphere, Sabsevar, following a dispute over access to an ice moon by a mining vessel.

The star systems of the First Region, under the control of several Grand Families and mega-corporations, convene the Inviroate Commonwealth and elect a High Guardian. This provides the High Guardian with the power and authority to control the expansion outwards from the First Region.


The Harmonisation Division is formed in response to increasing levels of lawlessness on colony worlds in the Second Region and undertakes its first action on New Palestine, in the Karrata system, which inadvertently triggers the Intercessionary War.


Pax, the neighbouring system to Karrata, sensing a weakness in its neighbour, destroys the wormhole which links both systems back to the First Region and invades. However, the attackers had underestimated the strength of the forces still remaining on Karrata. So begins the Intercessionary War.


In an attempt to create more employment in a stagnant global economy, the five regional governments on Earth begin offering grants, known as the “Starship Enterprise Scheme”, to Earth’s inhabitants to allow them to purchase their own spaceships.

After receiving a parking ticket in York City, young Grand Family member Deandros Agostino shoots a police officer dead in the street. The police respond by arresting Agostino, whose friends then try to get him released from the police precinct. A riot ensues and several police officers and family members lose their lives. The High Guardian personally intervenes to calm the situation.


Exploration and colonisation of the Third Region is sanctioned by the High Guardian. The Agostino family of the Ke’den system is awarded an exclusive contract to become the gateway to the Third region. Following the events of the previous year, allegations of favouritism are levelled at the Office of the High Guardian.


Under increasing political pressure from several large corporations, the regional Earth governments cancel the Starship Enterprise Scheme.


The Carboni crime syndicate attempts to flex its muscles on the colony world of Riss, declaring it independent from the Commonwealth. The Carbonis assassinate the Protector of Riss, forcing the High Guardian’s hand. He dispatches the Harmonisation Division with orders to eradicate all criminal influences from Riss. Unfortunately, this describes most of the population and a massacre of epic proportions ensues. A vote of no confidence in the High Guardian is passed in the Senate, but fails to gain much support.


Private starship captains stage a protest and blockade several key wormhole gateways in response to what they allege are aggressive actions by several major corporations. They claim that fleets of “black ships” are conducting deniable operations in deep space to disrupt and even destroy privately owned cargo-hauling ships.


The Senate calls upon the High Guardian to order an investigation into the activities of the Anatoly Heavy Engineering Company, the Kin Hon Shipping Line and the Piatra-Xhang Collective for interrupting private shipping.


Dr Helmut Strane dies leaving behind a legacy of extreme genetic engineering.


The Strane Institute for Advanced Studies is opened and the first bio-engineering licences are granted to the Valseir Lifesciences Corporation.


Marduk, originally an Ideologian Warmaster is captured by Karratan special forces and changes sides.


The Intercessionary War comes to an end after Marduk provides information on the defences and capabilities of the Paxian military.


Conservator Sieglinde assumes the prime office of the Ideologians on Sarko.

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