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30th January 2011

It's been a while since this page was updated.  Over the holiday period we've been busy sorting out some stuff...

The Agostino Grand Family boxed set has gone into production and is now available from the web shop.

We have appointed Great Escape Games as our main distributor, so they will be handling most of the sales and marketing activity from now. You'll be able to see Stuart and Mark at numerous shows this year.

We've been play-testing the campaign rules and they should be available to download from this site shortly.

The next project in the pipeline is a second boxed set of miniatures.

2nd November 2010

Photos of the Agostino miniatures are now online... take a look at the gallery.

25th October 2010

It's all getting a little bit exciting here at FW Towers! The first painted miniatures from the forthcoming Grand Family box set have arrived.  The rest should be complete by the end of the week, so we're well on target for getting them on the site by the end of the month. Check back soon for pix.

19th October 2010

The miniatures are back from the casters and the first pack has now been sent off to be painted.  Expecting to have some photos of the finished models up on the web site by the end of October. The Grand Family box set will be added to the web shop at the same time.

We'll also be at Warfare in Reading on Sat/Sun 20/21 November where you will be able to get a first-hand look at the minis.

2nd October 2010

The individual packs of weapons are now available to buy from the Online Shop page. Each pack contains five pieces of the same weapon.

We're close to sending off the first batch of miniatures (for the Grand Family box set) to the casters. Expect to see them available for sale before the end of October!

6th September 2010

COLOURS, Newbury. Are you coming on Saturday/Sunday this weekend?

We'll be running a small demo game on the stand and will be showing off some of the greens for the forthcoming Grand Family miniatures box set.  Hope to see you there!

31st August 2010

Sculpting of the first batch of Faction Wars miniatures is well underway. We hope to have some photos up on the site before the end of this week.  The greens will be available to look at at Colours in Newbury next weekend (11/12 September).

The downloadable character sheet (in Excel format) has been added to the Getting Started page.

24th August 2010

An "Errata and Updates" PDF has been added to the web site available to download from the Getting Started page.

19th August 2010

We've received all the sculpts of the weapons back now, so will be sending those for mould-making and casting today. Take a quick look at a photo of the weapons. Once the weapons have been cast, we will be starting on sculpting some Grand Family characters as our first miniatures.

Also, we have agreed a distribution deal for the United States with one of the hobby's major North American distributors. Details to follow shortly.

2nd August 2010

We've started placing adverts on various sites around the web, so if you are visiting the site for the first time, after clicking on a banner advert, welcome!

30th July 2010

All the weapons should be sculpted by the end of next week, so a couple of weeks after that we wil have had them cast. Following that we are full-on into miniature sculpting. Head on over to the FW forum and post up what you would like to see sculpted. Whatever gets the most support will get sculpted first.

ATTENTION RETAILERS: Northstar Military Figures is now stocking Faction Wars. Northstar act as distributor to many retailers in the UK, so if you run a shop give Nick at Northstar a call and order FW at the trade price to put on your shelves.

1st July 2010

We're in the swing of getting our first miniatures sculpted now.  Some photos of the greens to be posted up soon.

21st June 2010

We're booking up our show diary for this year. Come and see us at a show near you (well, in the UK anyway):

9th June 2010

Not posted an update for a while... We've been busy getting some retailers on board, so expect to see FW for sale in the (online) shops soon. We're struggling to make contact with retailers in the US though, so if you know of a FLGS that would like to stock FW in the US/Canada, drop us a line.

The vehicle rules have been sent out for the second round of play-testing, so expect to see some progress on the publication of those soon.  We will be putting them up onto the web site as a free, downloadable PDF.

We're also making some progress with sculpting some dedicated FW miniatures.  Here are pics of the concept artwork for a few of the miniatures. Click on them to view a larger version of the image.

25th April 2010

What a great day at Salute yesterday! Darryl was at the show and sold a few cases of books, gave out hundreds of flyers and met lots of interested (and interesting!) wargamers.  Thanks to those of you who came over to the stand to say hello and pick up your books.

The saga of the book printing is now over. The printer delivered stock on Friday night, just in time for Salute. All the customers who placed pre-orders will be receiving their shiny, new copies in the post on Monday/Tuesday.

Because the books have now arrived, the pre-order discount period has ended, but the shop is fully open for business.

22nd April 2010

Hope to see some of you at Salute on Saturday. Stop by the 'Great Escape Games' stand (who have donated some space to us) and say "hi".  And pick up a copy of Faction Wars too!

5th April 2010

The web store is now open for business!  We're taking pre-orders through the site at a 10% discount off the normal price.  When we have full stock then the price will revert to the regular price.

25th March 2010

Some bad news!  We have taken the decision to delay the launch of the rulebook by a couple of weeks because the books we have received have not been bound together properly.

Instead of shipping shoddy product next week, we have decided to send them back to the printers to get them re-bound.  Delivery is likely to be in mid April now.  As soon as we have a definite date, we'll announce it here and on the forum.

Apologies to all those who were expecting delivery next week, but we hope you will understand.

The good news is that if you haven't registered your interest yet, we are extending the 10% launch discount offer.  So if you haven't signed up yet, do it now.

Also added to the web site today are some scans from the rulebook to give you a taster of what it looks like inside.

19th March 2010

The advance copies have arrived this morning!  I'll post some pictures up on the site later.

12th March 2010

We've just commissioned some new concept artwork to give to the sculptors.  Yes...we're starting work on some miniatures for Faction Wars.  Hoping to have the first test sculpt within the next week. What figures would you like to see?  Have a read of the factions pages and let us know which miniatures you would like.

3rd March 2010

We've had some colour proofs back from the printers now and they look great...really bright colours which show off the original artwork well.  Been working on setting up the online shop, which will be open for pre-orders soon.  Sign up now to receive a discount!

12th February 2010

We have the "printer's proof" back from the printers today.  It looks great!

28th January 2010

Come along to Penarth Crusade this Saturday and play a demo game, or just say hello.  Details on Penarth Crusade here.

25th January 2010

Gone to print!  Expecting to have product available for sale from 1st April.  Sign up now and receive a 10% discount on the RRP.

18th January 2010

The print deadline was today!  Unfortunately, we are still about 3-4 days from having the book finished before sending it off to the printers.  That means that it should be on sale at the end of March/beginning of April.

The bits that need finishing are editing the photos to fit into the right places; some page layouts; the cover artwork; and a final proof-read!

Getting really close now.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

8th January 2010

Most of the laying out of pages has now been done; the proof-readers are providing feedback and corrections; got some more photography booked in for next week; terrain is almost complete ready for photographing; cover artwork is almost complete - just a few tweaks required to get it right.

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