News from 2009

29 December 2009

I've been spending plenty of time over the Christmas holiday building terrain to feature in the photographs in the book.  Clem has been busy working on the layout for the book and Ken helped (massively) with some photography too.  I love it when a plan comes together.

21 December 2009

Not too much more to report this month.  Been busy building terrain pieces to include in the photos for the book.  The final few pieces of artwork have been dribbling in.  A bit more playtesting done too.  A few revisions to the layout of the book.  Photography starting in earnest tomorrow.

Faction Wars will have its first 'official' outing as one of the demonstration games at Penarth Crusade on 30th January 2010.  Come along if you can!

26 November 2009

OK, so not much news to report other than playtesting is still ongoing.  All the artwork for the book is now complete except for the outer cover, which we hope to have done by early January.  Going to finish off the photography for the book soon, then onto finishing the final draft of the book.  The printers are lined up, so we hope to see some shiny, new books ready for sale in February (if all goes well!), or maybe March.

10 November 2009

OK, so the typesetting of the book (first draft) has been completed and nearly all the artwork is in there with just a few gaps to fill.  There will be about 70 pieces of original and unique artwork in the book, so it should look great.  Thanks to all the guys around the world who have contributed - full details of who they are will be in the final publication.

First draft will be going to the printers soon to get some proofing copies made up and then on to the proof-reading stage.  More play-testing happening too!

22nd October 2009

Lots more artwork complete now: the icons for each faction are complete, plus some more characters and landscapes have been finished. Parts of the book are being typeset this week, although the rules section will have to wait until the play testing has been completed. This is taking longer than planned, so the release date will be pushed back a bit.

If you are RELIABLE and want to become an independent play-tester, then get in touch. We feel that it is important to test the rules and game thoroughly before publishing.

1st October 2009

Some more artwork has been added to the artwork preview page.  The main site header has been updated too, to make it a bit more interesting.

25th September 2009

One of our artists, Christian, is developing the visual theme for each faction and a couple of the other guys have started painting some landscapes, so the background to the FW universe is really starting to take shape.  We'll post some of the work up on to the artwork page soon. 

Painting of the miniatures is progressing well, so we should have some photos up on the site soon.

14th September 2009

We have received confirmation from another miniature manufacturer today (Reaper Miniatures), which allows us to use their minis in the rulebook.  These guys have some excellent beasts, which will be used by the Advancer faction.  Nasty!

12th September 2009

Here's a sneak peak at some of the artwork. It's all at quite a small size... if you want to enjoy the art at a larger resolution, then you'll have to wait for pubilcation of the rule book.

10th September 2009

All the miniatures have now been ordered and painting is underway.  Photography planned for some time in October.

4th September 2009

We have started work on sculpting some Aerobots.  Hopefully, these will be the first exclusive Faction Wars miniatures.

1st September 2009

We have agreed with four miniature manufacturers that we can use their miniatures to represent the factions in Faction Wars.  More detail to come when the rulebook is due to be published.  The current planned date for release of the rulebook is 1st January 2010.  Just need to get all the playtesting done, the miniatures painted, the terrain created, the photography done, the artwork finished....

27th August 2009

Another major update to the playtest rules has been sent out today.  Playtesting is progressing well.  A few more artists on board as well.

22nd August 2009

Created some terrain to be featured in the photographs in the rulebook: some tiles for a space port. We are planning on building a number of terrain pieces as a backdrop for the miniatures in the rulebook. It's also quite a lot of fun!

10th August 2009

The latest version of the playtest rules have been sent out to all playtesters.  If you would like to get involved, please email me at

2nd August 2009

Playtesting of the Faction Wars rules has started in earnest.  Thanks to the guys at the Viet Taff Wargaming Club for their help with the first few games to iron all the really stupid bugs in the rules.

21st July 2009

We have just signed up three artists to begin working on the concept art and illustrations for the rulebook.  We plan on publishing some samples of the artwork on this site, so check back soon!

10th July 2009

A gallery section has been added to the web site with some photos from one of the playtest games: the Security Forces take on the Ideologians.

7th July 2009

The web site has been expanded with some background to each faction and also a brief potted history of the Inviroate Commonwealth of the Federated Worlds.  Further detail will be available in the rulebook when it is published. 

Thanks to the guy who emailed to say that the miniature painting was ****!  We know!  We're recruiting some pro-painters to paint stuff for the rulebook, but needed to put something on the web site for now.

1st July 2009

The web site and forum have gone live!  On this site you will be able to find out about the tabletop miniatures game called Faction Wars. Come back and visit regularly as we will be placing updates on this page as the game develops.